My work essentially leans towards the "tempera's technique".

This very old way of painting, used by artists in the middel age before the advent of oil painting, the pigments are now thickened thanks to the use of the yellow or white of an egg.

I generally prepare the bases, (except for works on paper) respecting old traditions.

My paints can be used on canvas (on a frame, or floating), on wood or on wood "toile marouflée".

And then, the bases are coated with "gesso" made from fish glue and from plaster of Bologne. For finishing touches, I use either varnish or wax that I polish with Agathe's stone.

Using these techniques allowed me to work on material and rectify my mistakes which can happen when I'm preparing the bases.

Everything which happens "under" canvas, that is shown under the gesso, guides the way of my gestures as much as the stories I like to express in my paintings.

Today's collages combine fragments of my paintings, engravings and pastels with old cards, letters and other documents I've picked up here and there.